noise_option (noise_option) wrote,

Wild kingdom in the big city

Tonight 'the old man' and I were walking our dog back from the market when we heard the bloodcurdling screams of a chicken. It sounded bad--worse than a distress call. As we rounded the corner we glimpsed our neighbor running down her dark back porch stairs with a flashlight. Another late-night dog walker paused on the opposite corner, pointed toward the noise. He called out across the street asking if everything was ok. Meanwhile his t-shirted Weimaramer wandered over to our dog. While I tried to gage whether my dog(aggressive when leashed) would lunge for the off-leash dog I heard the neighbor yell back over her fence: "Do you know how to kill a chicken?". Her voice loud, but not hysterical.
The Weimaraner's owner disappeared through her side gate. His dog stayed behind, placidly leaning against my leg as is the default mode of particular large, friendly dogs.
I heard the neighbor say the chicken needed to be put out of it's suffering.
For a few horrible moments 'the old man' and I pet and mumurred to the two dogs to keep them calm while we listened to the sound of a chicken being killed.
The Weimaraner's owner re-emerged, calling for his dog. "We have him over here," I said.
He thanked us for watching his dog. He told us her chicken had just been mauled. By what, we asked?
"Yeah, that's the question," he replied, his expression haunted as he turned to continue his walk. "I just had to kill her chicken."
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